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Twofold&Co is a full-service boutique planning company. We are the only wedding planning company that provides a dynamic duo with every wedding. We truly believe that everything is best in twos. After all, a marriage is a special new beginning bond between two individuals, two families, and two hearts. We specialize in creating stunning, tailor-made bespoke weddings, that are as individual as each couple. The key to planning a wonderful wedding, no matter what your budget or style, is to have the right wedding support team behind you. We pride ourselves in reliability and take great care in every wedding to the best of our twofold ability. Let us take care of you!

Our Services

Wedding Month (Day) Management includes:

Everything you could possibly need from the one month mark prior to your Wedding. From your Timeless Timeline to your Rehearsal, and (the most fun & important part) your Wedding Day. All of our weddings come with TWO Planners to provide you with the best, reliable, enjoyable support.

*Starting rate at $800.00 (Click to Inquire)
Wedding Full Planning includes:

Literally, we become your Wedding BFFs with this service. As our valued couple, you get the ultimate complete coordination where you can feel your wedding stress melt away. We take you on a fun site visit, followed by a few progress meetings and walk you through every vendor & step of the way.

+ Everything listed in Wedding Month Management

*Starting rate at $3500.00 (with Lead Planner
Vanessa Dang)
Wedding Emergency Planning includes:

For all weddings that fall under a month, we become your Wedding Superheroes. Fighting bad vibes, capturing important details & working in superpower overdrive speed to rescue you from any harm. We love the challenge & opportunity to save your Wedding Day.

*Starting rate at $2500.00 (with Lead Planner Vanessa Dang)
Events & Design
Custom Event & Design Planning:

You name it! And chances are we can do it! Who said you can't duplicate yourself? We provide one on one planning for all the other special moments in your like. 

*Rates are happily based on Consultations

The Two Behind Twofold..

I fell into this industry quite by surprise almost 4 years ago and happily, I can honestly say, I've kept falling.. Falling up, up, & away! (Did I mention I am an eternal optimist?) Here, with TF&Co & from experience, I strongly believe in the power of Two. Think about it? Would you go to the gym with our support bra/bro? I think knot! I love supporting my couples with all of their wedding needs or my clients who need someone reliable and will get the done job done right. When I met my wedding twin Suzy over a yummy DeDutch brunch, my whole wedding world changed in that moment and now I can say that we are happily married partners. To sum it all up, each experience, each couple, each wedding, I fall more & more in love with what I do.
My Two Tips for our future couples:
|ONE| • Start your wedding planning when you both are ready to be open-minded and willing to compromise because wedding planning can easily be a second or perhaps third full-time job.
|TWO| • Your wedding date and wedding venues are the first Two items you'll want to start checking off your "I Do" List.
I am completely in love with the wedding industry & what it means. From the moment I meet my clients to discussing all their visions to seamlessly finalizing their details, I create their dream wedding experience. Yes, I do make my client's dreams come true. Not many get this opportunity and for that, I am grateful for. My passion and ambition are all driven by a healthy list of highly satisfied clients. The loving "Thank-You" I get once I complete my job is the best feeling ever! Since being in this industry, I continue to enjoy this wonderful journey. I met my amazing Partner, Vanessa and together we shared two things in common: we both have a twin sister and we both love weddings. We are a match made in heaven.

My Two Tips for our future couples: 
|ONE| • Your Wedding day should be fun & relaxed, keep in mind that everything you've plan might not turn out perfect which is why we are there to support and resolves any wedding day surprises.
|TWO| • Always make the most out of it :)
Live, Love & (most importantly) enjoy Each Other!
Photo Credits: Kaoverii Photography | Makeup by Connie Huynh | Hair by Anita Lee
Communication & maybe a bottle of Wine! ♡

Love from our couples..

Connie & Benny
Daisy & Wilson
Sophie & JP
Jennifer & Donald


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